CVA By Laws 2017

Monday, June 5, 2017





(a) Each club affiliating with the Cairns Vigoro Association Incorporated shall forward, on Official Team Nomination Forms to the Secretary by the monthly meeting nominated at the Annual General Meeting, a list of all players registered with that team, to include address and phone number.  There shall be a minimum of 8 players a team can register, but no player shall register with more than one team.  Half the Registration Fees to be paid to the Association at the September Meeting and the October Meeting.  Registration of teams to be done in duplicate when handed to the Secretary.

(b) Registered teams withdrawing after the September meeting and/or after fixture season commences, forfeit all fees to Cairns Vigoro Association Incorporated.

(c) All games to be drawn for North Cairns Reserve in the first instance or Association approved fields.


Each team must pay registration fees at the Committee Meeting or  by next Saturday game following the Committee Meeting. All fees due as at that time will be classed as unfinancial and lose 4 points for each unfinancial game.  The team figures for each unfinancial game will not be recorded – individual figures will be recorded.


(a) President, Secretary and Treasurer have the power to grant Clearance. 

(b) A player, having fulfilled her obligations to the club from which she is seeking a clearance must play three (3) fixture games with her new club prior to Semi-Finals or Final Games.

(c) At the commencement of each season every player shall be free of any club ties from the previous season, provided she is free of financial obligations to her previous club.


A delegate from each team must be in attendance at each monthly meeting.

A levy of $20-00 shall be imposed when a delegate of any team fails to attend Association meetings. Payable by next monthly meeting or become unfinancial.

Association Events – If a team can not provide enough delegates to conduct a confirmed association event, 4 points will be deducted.


(a) Any player selected as a core player is ineligible to play for any other team. 

(b) Election of Grading Committee consisting of five (5) members of CVA Inc at the Annual General Meeting each year.  It should consist of no more than one member from each team if possible.

(c) All grading of teams and players shall take place at the commencement of each season.

(d) Saturday morning junior players are eligible to play for any team, however, must nominate a team prior to finals

(e) Age limit for the junior competition for girls will be Under 17 as at the 1st October of that season. Age limit for boys playing in the junior competition will be under 13 as at the 1st October of that season. Age limit for boys playing in the senior competition will be 14 and under at the commencement of the state titles for that season. Only 2 boys per team are permitted to take the field in the junior and senior competition.


The Selection Committee shall consist of three (3) selectors registered with the Association.


The Judiciary shall consist of at least 5, made up of past players, past officials and/or Life Members.



A publicity officer shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting to act as Liaison Officer to the media for the Association.


The Recorder shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting to keep statistics on all Players performances.  These Recorder Books held by the Recorder are available only to the President, Selectors and the Grading Committee at all times.  The Recorder is required to produce at each meeting current points for each team in each division.


Badged umpires are eligible for payment of $20 per game after umpiring 7 games.  Non badged umpires are eligible for payment of $10 after umpiring 7 games. To receive payment a written letter must be submitted to the Secretary or Treasurer at the conclusion of the season, listing the dates of the games umpired and bank account details.


Time Keeping is allocated to both scorers. The time must be agreed upon before the commencement of the game and should be kept by the clock on a phone.


Basically white – either dress, skirt, shirt, shorts and basically white socks unless team uniforms colours are registered.  New players have 2 weeks grace to obtain registered coloured uniform.  Colour of sandshoes and hats is optional.  Sandshoes must be worn at all games.    Players disregarding this rule are not allowed to take the field.  The Recorder is to keep a register of teams registered uniforms.


CVA uniform shirt, with Black bottoms regardless of length, white socks,


If a team is unable to field a team on Saturday because of reasonable circumstances a letter should be submitted to the Secretary for the Committee Meeting prior to the game.  Then if in the opinion of the committee the game can be postponed the game is to be played the next day, which is Sunday or a date agreeable to both Captains and played before two (2) weeks or the Association sets the date.


During the wet season a delegate of the Association shall inspect the wickets by 10-00am and report the state of the wickets to the Association Secretary by 11-00am.

When all games are cancelled these games will not be replayed. No points will be allocated. In case of the team with the bye, they will receive 0 points.  

The Executive have the right to cancel games on Friday night prior to the Saturday’s fixture should the fields be unplayable because of wet weather.


No Sunday games are to be put in the Official Draw – only play Sundays when necessary.


(a) If rain/lightning sets in and in the opinion of both captains it will not clear to complete the game then the game will be called a draw unless a first innings has been completed by both teams then a first innings result shall be declared.

(b) If the Captains can not agree then both teams are to stay until time.

(c) In the event of a game being called off by the association the cards for qualifying purposes shall not be submitted.


(a) Any team or player has the right to Appeal if they are financial and affiliated with the Cairns Vigoro Association Incorporated against any other team/teams/player or players by lodging a written complaint, signed by their respective team secretary setting out the grounds for their protest and appeal within forty-eight (48) hours of the game.  Such written complaint is to be forwarded by the Secretary directly to the Judiciary who shall be solely responsible for the matter.

(b) An umpire is free to lodge a written report to CVA Inc Committee on any team/teams/player or players at any time.


The forfeiting side shall notify the opposing team Captain and the Association Secretary at least four (4) hours before starting time of the game. The team receiving the forfeit must submit their Score Card nominating players names to be recorded by the Official Recorder.  All such forfeits shall be counted as a playing game.


Teams shall not take the field without at least 8 of their own registered players and they cannot ask for more than two (2) substitutes from the opposing team in any CVA Inc fixture game, semi final or final.  Four (4) players can be used from their own club of a lower grade as a substitute.


All Grand Finals to be played on the same day if possible.

All finals to be played on a set weekend.  If washed out on Saturday to be played Sunday if possible.  If both days are washed out the team ahead on points moves to the next final.  This applies to Grand Finals also – if the game cannot be completed on the set weekend the team ahead on points are the winners.

Playing times will be 2:00pm to 6:00pm on Saturday and 9:00am to 1:00pm on Sunday.

Games must be played to a result. If a result is not achieved then game to be replayed the following day.

System to be used in all fixture games:

(a) In each grade with 5 or more teams competing, semi finals and finals play-off will take place at the end of the season between the four (4) teams with the highest number of points.  Teams 1 and 2 play off.  Teams 3 and 4 play off.  Loser of game 3 and 4 is eliminated.  Winners of that game (3 & 4) play the losers of the game between Teams 1 and 2.  Winners of 1 and 2 automatically become finalists.

(b) In the event of teams for the top four positions being tied on points, a count back must be taken from the Recorder’s book.  Count back to be the difference between runs for divided by actual number of wickets fallen and runs against divided by the actual number of wickets fallen – the larger difference wins.  The figures required for this procedure to be recorded each week after each game in the Recorder’s book.

(c) In the event of only four (4) teams in a particular grade Team 1 becomes a finalist and Team 2 and Team 3 play off and the winner play Team 1 in the Grand Final.  Team 4 automatically drops out. 


Play-offs in Finals to be given to most suitable pitches.  A draw for pitches to be done for these games at the last available meeting.  Draw for the Umpires to be done at the last available meeting – if possible.

If these pitches are not suitable owing to unforeseen circumstances, alternative arrangements to be made.  In the case of a tied game or if rain prevents play and the match is not commenced by 3-00pm or completed by 6-00pm, the game is to be replayed on the next day suitable to the President, Secretary and Treasurer.  All matches are to be completed.  Substitute players in play-off – See Bylaw 17.


(a) To be eligible for Batting Average Trophies, registered players to qualify, must have played in at least two-thirds (2/3) of their teams played games during the season. 

(b) To be eligible for Bowling Average Trophies, registered players to qualify, must have bowled in at least two-thirds (2/3) of their teams played games during the season.

(c) All registered players must play in at least three (3) fixture games with their nominated Club prior to the semi-final and finals. In case of extreme circumstances, a team may submit a letter to the association for consideration to allow a player with less than 3 games to be eligible for the semi-final and finals. 

(d) Most Improved Player must be nominated in writing to the Secretary before the commencement of semi-finals by the Captain of each team for assessment by Selectors.

(e) Team Average Runs Trophy.  This is to be decided by total number of runs divided by number of wickets fallen. 

(f) Best Team Sportsmanship Trophy.  This is to be decided by the Selectors.


(a) Teams of no more than 14 players shall be selected to represent Cairns at inter-city carnivals.  The Captains, Vice Captains and Wicket Keepers shall be named by the Selectors.  Only the coach has the option to alter the selectors choice due to performance by consultation with selectors on hand.

(b) Players nominating to be selected to represent Cairns for all inter-city Carnivals shall be required to nominate in writing on the nomination form and lodge it with the Secretary.

All age division (e.g. Under 18 etc) must state Date of Birth and if Under 18 their nominations are to be signed by a parent or guardian signifying their approval of the nomination.  Separate nomination forms must be used for individual nominations and for each representative Carnival.  If representative carnival is to be played away from Cairns, nominees must state on nomination form if they require CVA Inc travel and accommodation and such signed nomination must be adhered to, taking note of By-Law23 

(c) The Representative Uniform for Cairns Vigoro Association Inc shall be of Association Design.

Fixture games, semi finals and finals will not be postponed for Interstate games unless the teams that may be affected make written application to the Association for consideration.

(d) All players must pay the QLD nomination fee to nominate for state titles/National titles.  A refund will be given to unsuccessful nominations.  Full cost of QVA Inc trips are to be paid 7 days prior to departure.  If the money is not paid the player will be withdrawn by CVA Inc.  CVA Inc will contact QLVA advising them of this withdrawal.

(e) Manageresses and/or coaches and/or scorers and/or umpires to be considered for subsidy when Cairns Representative teams are travelling away to carnivals must complete and sign a nomination form each. 

(f) Selected players not attending Representative games and training without a reasonable excuse to be penalised by not being considered for future Representative Teams for a period of one (1) year from the date of the offence.  Selectors shall decide what is a reasonable excuse.  Captains/Coaches must be notified of non-attendance of players at representative training.


Any player in any Sub-Association in Queensland, chosen for Queensland Senior, Touring, Junior or Veteran side should she withdraw, must notify the Sub-Association Secretary.  The Sub-Association Secretary will notify the Secretary of QLVA Inc.  QLVA Inc notify Sub-Association re outstanding fees immediately.


(a) Any individual player or official and any teams of players or officials travelling to Interstate or Intrastate Games, Competitions, Championship or other functions whose fares are being paid for or subsidized by the Association must travel as nominated by the Association.

(b) All players must adhere to the signed nomination form in regard to Travel and Accommodation unless special circumstances, as endorsed by the Committee of the Association prevent such arrangements.


If  dates are cancelled for any reason in these Series, normal scheduled Cairns Vigoro Association Inc. games to take place – weather permitting.

There will be no fixture games played on the weekend of the Cairns – Townsville & NQ Cup Series.


Starting time will be as per the draw.  If due to circumstances beyond the teams control the game is unable to commence on time (e.g. field too wet and must move, pitch to be cleared) then the game should be commenced at a later time and be played to the full time limit.


The CVA Inc fixtures consist of grades as nominated by the Grading Committee.


All monies for Association Dinner is to be received by the Secretary or Treasurer two (2) weeks beforehand.


Umpires travelling to State and All Australia Titles must submit their names in writing and only through illness or unforeseen circumstances can they withdraw their nomination (in writing).  If withdrawal of their nomination is not made and they do not attend Titles, they must pay for all expenses incurred.


Any player who sustains an injury which bleeds (e.g. broken fingernail, gravel rash etc) must leave the field to have it treated before returning at a suitable time which would most likely be at the fall of a wicket.  If the player is in the fielding side then a substitute fielder may take her place while she is absent.

When a Player is injured seriously and interrupts the play of the game - it will be at the discretion of the captains and the umpires depending on the circumstances of the injury and the time that has lapsed caused by the injury to decide on the continuation of the game.


CVA Inc does not allow mixed teams (14 and Under males excepted) or grades in their competition but will allow for either an entire male grade or entire female grade.


If the ball hits a fixed object on a field (i.e. a fence, tree, goal post etc) the umpire shall signal 4 runs. 

If the ball hits a moveable object (i.e. an umpire or player from an overlapping field) the batters must run it out.


One foot allowed over the line however if both feet are over the line before the ball has left the bowlers hand it is a no ball


14 days notice of the Annual General meeting is required, Notification to be conducted via social media and email to all Cairns Vigoro Association contacts on file.