Cairns Vigoro Association

Life Members


Vera Dean 

Was a great player and played for Queensland in the 1930’s.


Collette Crappe

Life Memberships in about 1978.

Collette Crappe was very instrumental in bringing in 6 junior teams to our Junior competition. Also were scorers and manageress of Junior Cairns teams for many years

Joan Vico

Life Memberships in about 1978.

Joan Vico was very instrumental in bringing in 6 junior teams to our Junior competition. Also were scorers and manageress of Junior Cairns teams for many years

Nita Fleming (deceased)

Nita ran CVA from the Secretary position for over 20 years.   She held this position before computers so it took a lot more effort to organise things without email.  She then held the position of President for a number or years before moving back to her home town of Mackay.  Nita was also a qualified umpire.

Carol Healy

Carol Healy was Secretary or Treasurer – at a very young age.


Robyn Scoble

Robyn is our hard working Life Member. She was awarded life member in 1994. She is a qualified umpire which she has been for many years.  She has coached many teams – mostly junior teams from the Edmonton area and is legendary in the area because of this.  She would then after coaching and umpiring them on Saturday morning back up and umpire a game on Saturday afternoon.

Margaret Aitken

Margaret is our “Lady” of Vigoro.  She held the position of President for many years and then did the position of Treasurer for some years as well.  Margaret was the voice of reason with a very calming influence and was always good to have on hand in any disputes.  Margaret is also a qualified umpire.

Shirley Galvin (deceased 2014)

Shirley was our colourful member.  Shirley loved colour and she was also a colourful character.  She held the position of President for some years.  Shirley was also one of our longest serving players – playing from when she was a child until she was in her 60’s – and she still had a good eye and a dynamic throw.  She could think of a story for every occasion and was never lost for words.

Jackie Rogers

Jackie has coached junior teams, held the position of Secretary for some years and is currently the President of CVA. She was awarded life member in 1993.  Jacki has also been Manageress or Queensland teams and has travelled as Coach/Scorer and or manageress of various Cairns Teams.  Jacki has put in a lot of time and effort just doing what needs to be done for CVA.

Lorraine McGill

Lorraine is the member who is always there.  Lorraine was a very accomplished player and in her own admission ended her playing career too early but she hasn’t severed ties with CVA.  Lorraine represented Cairns and Queensland on numerous occasions as a player, coached Queensland U18 sides and has been a state selector.  Lorraine has held the positions of Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer/Secretary.  She is always there to organise and help with fund raising.  She has coached many successful junior teams – assisted by Fran Secombe previously and now by Jeanene Lynam.

Jenny Fletcher

Jenny has coached junior teams, is a qualified umpire and has held nearly all the positions on the executive at various times

Jeanene Lynam

Life Member awarded in the 2010/11 season.  Jeanene brings to CVA many years coaching experience from other sports and uses this to great advantage with our Junior Teams in particular. She also played vigoro for Queensland. She has been involved in the committee on and off over many years.

Helen Kaine

Helen is our newest Life Member - awarded in 2013.  Helen has scored more games of vigoro than we can count.  She scores locally for Jays, then for the Cairns Senior Team in carnivals and has also scored for the Queensland Team at All Australia.  Helen has also held the position of Vice President for some years.