Senior Draw

Our Senior Season starts the first weekend of August and will run until the first weekend of December. This year Cairns Vigoro has a total of 6 senior teams, Dolphins, Gordonvale, Kowais, Mighty Duck, Jays & PJays. Our Fixtures for this year have been provided below.

During our season Senior Team will be allocated Junior Games to attend. During these games senior teams will be required to set up th playing field, umpire and assist in helping our junior players on the feild and while batting. We ask that a min of 4 senior players attend.

If a Senior Team is unable to field a team the captain must contact the effected team ASAP. Once a game has been forfieted the captains must let the secretary known to advise umpires etc. The captain of the team who has been forfieted against must complete a score card of players who would of played the game and send to the recorder before the game start time of 2pm for this to be counted.

Online Registration: How to create a member profile

You can access the registration page from the cairns vigoro home screen and click "member signup"

A member profile can only be successfully submitted if the correct registration code is entered. Our registration code "qldvigoro"

Once your profile is submitted you will receive and email to verify your account. This email may appear in your junk box so please make sure you are checking this folder if you haven't received anything.

Once you have gotten your email please click on the verify link, you will be logged into the site and taken to yuor player profile page. From here you can create a "Registration"

Player Registration: QLD Vigoro Registration Fees

Once your have succesfully registered, you will then be required to pay the QVA fee component below.

This payment will need to be made to CVA, the below is a break down of the fees:

Senior Player Registation: $40.00

Senior Player Insurance:   $10.00

Senior Player Total:           $50.00

Junior Player Registration: $30.00

Junior Player Insurance:     $10.00

Junior Player Total:            $40.00

Teams will still be required to make there complete team fee payments to CVA by the 9th of September, Montly Meeting.

Teams who do not pay these fees before this date will not be able to take the field of play until paid.

For more information on the Team Fees payment please contact CVA secretary Nadine Pinto.

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