CVA has over 150 members/players that come from as South as Innisfail and as North as Kuranda & The Beaches.

CVA's Seasson commences in August and plays until December. Games are played at Johnson Park Gordonvale, for the first helf of the playing season & Cairns North Reserve Lake Street, for the remainder of the year. Junior games starts at 9am and are normally finished by 11-11:30am followed by a refreshing treat. Senior games start at 2:30pm and finish at 5pm.

CVA is up and running on facebook, for more information click on the link

Cairns Vigoro committee for 2017/2018 is made up of a number of volunteers who put their hands up each year to take on certain rolls for our association, the new committe  members have been elected and are listed below:

    • Patron: Warren Pitt
    • President: Lorraine McGill
    • Vice President: Jeanene Lynam
    • Secretary: Nadine Pinto
    • Treasurer: Vivian Simms
    • Assistant Treasurer/Secretary: Sara Millard
    • Registrar: Elaine Buzacott & Janice Burgoyne
    • Junior Delegate: Paula Fabila
    • Recorder & Publicity Officer: Nikita Born
    • Wet Weather: CVA Executive 
    • Presentation Night Coordinators: Sam Prigg
    • First Aid: Maxine Wallington
    • Grants Officer: Nadine Pinto
    • Rep Team Coordinators: Nadine Pinto
    • Uniforms Coordinator: Narelle Milligan
    • Selectors: Helen Kaine, Jeanene Lynam, Lynelle Crappe (Stand By Sara Millard & Narelle Milligan)
    • Rep Team Trainer: Jeanene Lynam
    • Grading Committee: Nadine Pinto, Paula Fabila, Shannon Kaine, Lynelle Crappe, Cassie Vikionkorpi & Ramblers Player
    • Judiciary: Karen Lowrey, Mary Wilkinson, Elva Everington, Janet Argoon, Sandra Hollet
    • QLD A Grade Selector: Helen Kaine
    • QLD VETS Selector: TBC
    • QLD U18 Selector: Coach
    • QLD U13 Selector: Coach


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