How to become

 Criteria for acquiring Qld Umpire Badge: 

  • The candidate must be 16 years or older at 1 October


  • Prior to the State Titles, the Candidate must umpire at club level for at least one full season, including (if possible) inter-city representative matches


  • Prior to the State Titles, the candidate must achieve a score of 100% on the Queensland Umpires Question and Answer Oral Examinations, which must be heard by two (2) of the Sub-Association Qld Examiners nominated at the previous QLVUA AGM.


  • QLVUA is to receive a letter from the Sub-Association stating that the candidate has passed all necessary criteria and is competent and confident enough to undertake practical assessment at the Senior or Junior State Titles.


  • At the State Titles, the candidate must be available to umpire all Senior games (i.e.: cannot be a player umpire).


  • The candidate’s practical ability will be assessed as per the ‘Candidate Umpire Assessment” sheet and they will be given a copy of all completed assessment sheets (pass or fail) for feedback.


  • The QLVUA Executives will have the final say on if the candidate passes their practical assessment, after examining all of the “Candidate Umpire Assessment” sheet.


  • If the candidate is successful, QLVUA will present their Qld Badge at the Senior State Titles Trophy Presentation event.